Monsoon Themed Nail Polish Color Ideas To Try

Monsoon Themed Nail Polish


Looking for monsoon themed nail polish? Despite the fact that storm is one of the most praised seasons in our nation and everywhere throughout the world. It isn’t generally vital that you should paint your nails as indicated by the season. In any case, I can propose some extraordinary thoughts for nail craftsmanship so you can parade your nails in the group and can offer motivation to different women for your incredibly wonderful monsoon themed nail polish.

Also, you know what that will call for? Beautiful downpour boots, umbrellas, and obviously, nail clean that will light up your day! How about we investigate what nail clean hues for the storm we will be needing to wear this year to consummately differentiate the depressing dim skies! To make it additionally fascinating, the hues I’m picking are propelled by stormy days everywhere throughout the world! It may not be pouring everywhere throughout the world at this moment, yet I can arrange what it resembles when it downpours, together in one spot!

The early downpour showers have just begun, and soon enough, the rainstorm will be here! The sky will go from radiant brilliant blue to significantly lovely dim – with thick mists sprinkled with sunbeams spilling through their holes, making superb shades of yellows and oranges and pinks!

Let’s take a look at what nail polish colors for monsoon we will be wanting to. To make it more interesting, the colors I’m choosing are inspired by rainy when the people are rushing about, trying to catch cabs, and to get to their offices…!


10 Monsoon Themed Nail Polish Color Ideas To Try

  • Leaf Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Blood Red
  • Pastels
  • Hot Pink
  • Blue and more…

1. Pleasant Pastels

A pastel shading is any shading that has recently enough white blended into it to look pale and delicate while keeping up its vivid character. The most widely recognized pale hues we’ve seen for the current year are delicate millennial pink, light purplish-blue, rich mint, and caprice yellow.

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2. Leaf Green

OPI creations offer you a broad scope of nail polishes that each transmit a uniqueness like no other. From inconspicuous to hot, OPI has everything. Go insane with shading and decorate your fingertips as you like. They have shading for each event, for each mind-set.

Click here for leaf green nail polish

3. Yellow


As should be obvious yellow is the brilliant shading, so it will suit to finish your rainstorm look. One of the slanting nail clean thoughts that you can take this stormy season is wearing the splendid yellow shading. Continuously apply a solitary coat while applying yellow nail paint, in any case, your hands may look dim.

Verymiss Premium Nail Polish-Yellow

4. Purple


Rain needs splendid design colors, for example, this purple, to fill your heart with joy increasingly fun. Make your interesting look utilizing Color Crush Nail Art and trendiest nail paint from Lakme True Wear.

Lakme Color Crush

5. Blood Red


For the monsoon, blood red is bright yet a bit dark and beautiful color to apply on your nail. It gives you a brighten the look and also best for the monsoon season. This blood, poppy red color is sure to lift up your dark, cloudy mood.

Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color

6. Blue


It’s coming down there lasting through the year! Obviously, we have a stormy season as well. Consider Cairns, and I am helped to remember the splendid blue shades of the coral reefs and the renowned open pool! Furthermore, this pool-blue-ish shading is an ideal shade for this season!

Verymiss Premium Nail Polish-Royal Blue

7. Hot Pink

This hot pink shading isn’t just an ideal token of the way that fantasies may not be genuine, however, dreams are! So how about we continue dreaming. Such a cheerful shading!

Nykaa Floral Carnival Nail Enamel – Hot Pink

8. Orange

Orange is a bright, pretty, and happy color. Also, it will look bright on your nails during this rainy, monsoon season. There are many shades also available in orange. There are crumbled nail paints, glittery nail paints in orange shades that will look like a nail art so you don’t have to waste your time in doing nail art.

Bonjour Paris-Orange

9. Crumble Nail Polish

Disintegrate Nail Enamel Collection is a superior nail lacquer loaded with matte dark shades that convey serious, long-lasting color. Ideal for times when you DO need fun, instant nail craftsmanship. So you don’t need to burn through your time in doing craftsmanship.

Glam Girlz Crumble Nail Polish

10. Glitters


Everyone loves glitters and glitters on nails…! It looks more beautiful on nails. So glitter nail paints are for there to help us. It also works as nail art and saves your time if you don’t have time to do nail art.

Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel

Nail art Ideas You Might Like:


Let’s talk about nail art also because if we apply nail paint, we should also do some creative nail arts so it will look more beautiful. You can also combine several colors to create stylish designs for added flair!!! So here we share some easy nail art ideas that you can try.

  • Clouds
  • Rainbow
  • Umbrella Work
  • Glitters

So starting off with very common and very easy nail paint designs what we might have tried in.


1. Clouds All-Around

Cute, Little, Pretty Clouds❤️ For this kind of cloud nail art, what you have to do is simply apply sky blue or any light shade of blue nail paint and then draw the clouds with the help of nail art kit or you can also use ready-made stickers for this kind of nail art.

2. Rainbow

As you can see this cute, pretty rainbow nail art, what they actually do is… firstly they start with white nail paint. They apply white nail paint all over the nails and after that using a thin brush they draw a lines of different colors which are in rainbow. In this picture, they only do nail art in one nail. You can also do the same for others also.

3. Umbrella Work

As you can see, here they simply apply blue nail paint and after that they draw different umbrellas and clouds with the white color and use the thin paint brush/nail art tool kit.

4. Glitters All The Way

Here they simply apply glitter nail paint in a finger and yeah the nail art is done. This is the best advantage of glitter nail paints that you do not have to do much work related to nail art. Just simply apply a simple nail paint to the nails and in one nail or alternate nails you can apply glitter nail paint.

This monsoon starts loving your nails with a monsoon theme. We will take your leave until then keep loving yourself. Do not forget to share and comment down below and for the further update about my upcoming blogs do visit to the website . We wish you girls had a great start to this week and till then enjoy monsoon. Be safe.❤️

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